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New in DentalMate DM 11.3

  • Digital Documents with Signature Pad Integratioin: The DentalMate Practice Management System now supports Electronic Signature of Digital Documents. New new Document Management Module allows templates of common documents to be created that can contain merged fields from your DentalMate Database. Then these templates can be attached to a patient and signed electronically using Integrisign's EPadInk signature device. Patient Treatment Plans can also be stored, and signed electronically.
  • Lighthouse 360 Integration: The DentalMate Practice Management System now supports integration with Lighthouse 360, Patient Communication software.



New in DentalMate DM 11.2

  • DentalMate ECS Remote: DentalMate introduces ECS Remote software for billing Insurance Claims directly to Emdeon’s national clearinghouse. This process bypasses the intermediary organizations that create the additional overhead of extra edits and misrouted claims. The simple interface allows tracking of all claims submitted. In addition, the DentalMate Customer Support team become your single point contact for all electronic claims. No more calling different organizations for different levels of support. Simple, straightforward electronic claims processing and tracking.
  • Support for Electronic Attachments with NEA FastAttach: In conjunction with the new claims submission software, DentalMate Software now supports the FastAttach product from NEA. This will allow you to add attachments to your claims right as they are being submitted. Full integration allows images to be added from DentalMate or, in the more traditional method, from the FastAttach software.
  • Enhanced Clinical Notes: The DentalMate Charting Module contains a new notes module that allows clinical notes to be updated and or edited after the fact. The new module will fully support the DentalMate security module restricting access and edit support to only those the security officer gives access to.
  • Enhanced Rx Support: With the new prescription writer module, it is possible to re-print prescriptions, or delete prescriptions with full audit trail support to track use of these features. It is also now possible to designate a particular printer as the prescription printer, and have all prescriptions automatically go to that printer regardless of which printer is selected as the default printer.
  • Provider Physical Address for Insurance Processing: In accordance with HIPAA regulations and ANSI 835 5010 specifications, DentalMate now supports both mailing address and physical address for providers, and provides these addresses as part of all electronic transactions.
  • DentalMate now prints envelopes: The integrated DentalMate Letter Writer now has the capability of generating output formatted for envelopes. This will allow addresses to be printed directly onto envelopes without using labels wich are also supported.