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Going Paperless?

So, you want to have a paperless practice, but aren't sure how to get started.
"Going paperless", is more of a process than an event. How fast the process occurrs depends on where you are now, and how fast you want to get to having a paperless office. In fact, you may have already taken the first few steps in the process.

The Steps in going paperless:

  • Electronic Insurance Claims and Electronic Patient Statements
  • Digital X-Ray system
  • Digital camera / intra-oral camera
  • Scan existing paper charts, x-rays, and records
  • Clinical charting system with clinical notes
  • Digital documents with electronic signature

You may already be sending your insurance claims electronically, and perhaps e-statements. If you don’t already have digital x-ray in your
office, DentalMate can integrate with most of the packages being sold. In the few cases we don’t have an existing bridge, we will work to
create one at no additional cost to you. Using DentalMate EasyScan, you can convert your paper charts by scanning them into the patient
electroinic record. You can also scan all of the paper that arrives in your office.

DentalMate clinical charting is a full featured system for keeping computer based charts on your patients. Using the clinical notes to keep robust comments on each case.

Digitally signed patient documents can be stored in the patient’s e-chart, or signed documents can be scanned in. If you would like more information about going paperless, feel free to contact us.