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DentalMate Reports

The DentalMate Practice Management system is capable of generating a wide selection of reports. Most of these reports can be viewed as a window, or printed to hardcopy. Because DentalMate is an open item accounting system, it is possible to keep track of charges and payments by both the billing provider, and the rendering provider.

DentalMate reports are divided into groups according to their function.

Daily Reports:

The daily reports include information about the activities in the practice during the day. This includes, summary and detail on transactions entered, a deposit slip, collections, and a report showing month to date activity. There is also a daily corrections report that audits any changes made to transactions after they were entered.

Monthly Reports:

The monthly reports are used to track production and collections for the month. This can be done by billing provider, or by rendering provider. There are reports for tracking adjustments, insurance claims, and credits owed to patients. The accounts receivable report shows the balance of each family account. There is also a report to show those patients that are overdue in their account to help with collecting the outstanding charges.

Patient Reports:

Patient specific reports include a listing of all patients, new patients, birthdays, and medical conditions. There is a report to show the patients who have not been seen for a period of time, as well as a report to show the patient's most recently seen. When no other report fits, there is a custom report that allows a wide selection of filtering criteria, allowing custom reports to be created as needed.

Insurance Reports:

The insurance reports offer a listing of all insurance carriers, employer plans, and patient listings that indicate patient insurance coverage. The Outstanding Claims report is used for detailed tracking of unpaid claims. Finally, a wide range of utilization reports helps to determine which insurance plans are used most. These reports aid in tracking the viability of managed care plans.

Practice Reports:

The practice reports include listings of providers, procedure codes, intra-office codes, and medications. In addition, analysis reports for scheduled production, treatment, prescriptions, and practice utilization are available.

Other Reports:

There are many other reports that can be generated to aid in the management of the practice. A wide range of follow-up reports can be used to keep in touch with patients as their treatment progresses.

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As the dental industry evolves, new reports are added to the DentalMate system to be sure that the needs of our customers are met.