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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does DentalMate integrate with other software like X-Ray, and Intra-Oral Camera software?

A: Yes, DentalMate has integration bridges with a wide variety of software packages. More importantly, if you have a software package that you are using, and there is no current bridge, the DentalMate development staff will create the bridge at no additional cotst to you. Providing that the integration specs are made available.

Q: Can the DentalMate software work for large offices with multiple providers, keeping track of separate financial information for each provider? Even when the patients are treated by any or all of the providers.

A: Yes. The accounting and reporting system within the DentalMate Software is open-item based accounting. Financial information for each provider is kept separately, and the reports in the system are capable of reporting on each providers financial information individually. At the same time, the DentalMate Software works just as well for smaller individual provider practices.

Q: Can you convert my existing data to be used within DentalMate?

A: Yes, most of the time we already have a conversion program in place to pull in your data from another practice management sytem. Please keep in mind that due to the differences in practice management systems, it may not be possible to convert all of your data.