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What our customers say about us...

"For the past twenty years, I have been a loyal customer of the DentalMate product. Representatives of other Practice Management Programs have contacted my office, and I have remained loyal and steadfast to DentalMate for many reasons. The DentalMate staff is honest, courteous, helpful, professional, innovative, self-sacrificing, dedicated, kind and considerate. In my experience, they have always made themselves available to my office, or me when any issue arises that requires their assistance. These admirable qualities are exemplified throughout the Company. DentalMate is continually striving to upgrade the Practice Management Program by maintaining direct contact with their customers, utilizing the feedback they actively seek, the research they perform, and disseminating this information to their customers through upgrades, or by what other mentod they choose, that would be most effective for their client base."

"The DentalMate Program is a marvelous tool that coordinates and simplifies, what would otherwise be a very complex function that involves every aspect of the practice of Dentistry, with a modicum of flexibility. It functions flawlessly in a harmonious rhythm that is silent but effective. And if a problem does occur, you may rest assured that it will be dealt with expeditiously."

"My relationship with DentalMate has been an experience of great satisfaction, in that, at the end of the day, I know that everything is correct, and proper. I have that trust and confidence in the software, the Practice Mangement tool, and the Company, to be worry free, and have no questions as to the voracity of the records."

"In short, the company is great, their product is great, the staff is great, and above all, customer service is great."

Charles B. Mallin, D.D.S.

"We were slow to computerize our office, but when we saw a demonstration of the software by the creator at a dental meeting, we decided to give it a try. We have enjoyed using it for many years. The DentalMate Software is very user friendly; also the support staff has always been both gracious and helpful. I can highly recommend the use of DentalMate Software."

Carroll D. Shelton, D.D.S., Inc.

"I have had DentalMate in my office for over thirteen years now. The Dental Mate staff is competent and always eager to help resolve my issues. The software support team is knowledgeable, friendly, efficient, and extremely patient; their communications skills both written and verbal are excellent. In summary, I highly recommend DentalMate!"

Rosa Sandoval
Ray Meyers, D.D.S

"The DentalMate software pulls together most of the daily functions needed by our office. This helped us increase the number of patients seen in a day. Important information is available with the click of the mouse. The result is maximized profits, and a growth in the size and profitability of our practice."

Sidney Smith, D.D.S.

"This is a good dental care program. We use it for general practice and orthodontics. We have three dentists and two hygienists using the program. It is quick and easy to learn and use."

R. Kieth Smith, D.D.S.